There are a few downloadable files which have been done for the Gamestudio community.

  • Milkshape C++ class (open source)
    This class was designed to read in Milkshape's *md3 file and allow to export group information to Gamestudios *mdl format (which is in fact writing a new exporter). I did not finish that task - but the class seems to be very useful for the Milkshape community (with a download of more than 300 times)

  • Gamestudio mdl C++ class (open source)
    This class was the reciprocal channel of the Milkshape class above. It reads in mdl files and allows to modify them. With a few alterations it could be used as a tool for creating primitives in runtime, or applying some fundamental operations on them. Being fascinated - and quite familar - with genetic algoriths this may turn out the nucleus of an interesting project to come [and if there are others willing to join don't hesitate to contact me].

  • How to work with the SDK (tutorial / *.pdf)
    This tutorial, written in a few hours or so, tries to express the overall experiences I have collected with the Gamestudio SDK. Its main idea is to show how you can design a game completely from within the dll, turning the actions into C++ classes and integrating WDL syntax into the dll.

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  • Tiny Things Particle Generator 1.3
    (freeware /shareware, 7 MB download, English,Deutsch, Francais)
    The Tiny Things particle Generator is an extension of Gamestudio's particle system. Built upon it's own data and file structuere it offers much more features, a picture, process and mathematic editor - and an easy to use interface. Read more about it

  • TheCube
    (freeware , 1.3 MB download)
    TheCube is a dll which creates the illusion of a perfect immersive environment. The zip file contains dll, necessary *wdl files plus a textured sample cube.
    Read more about it
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  • Evolution No 9
    (freeware /shareware, 2 MB download)
    is a sophisticated program which reflects my approach towards genetic algorithms - somewhat different to the mainstream. I would never ever speak of »evolution« as if it was something biological, I would speak of cultural pattern instead, like love marriage etc. Actually the result is the same, and so does EvolutionNo9 work as a regular genetic algorithms tool, that means as a general problem solver in sorting etc. I am quite sure that this kind of randomized approach will be the future of game programming.Read more about it

  • SmartTalkingNodes
    (2.25 MB download)
    SmartTalkingNodes is a dll, which allows to control unlimited number of entities, but serves as well for controlling decision trees and complex programming architecture
    Read more about it

  • Martin Burckhardt: Das große ABC. Oder: Wie man etwas ganz Schwieriges lernt, wie das berüchtigte C ++, ohne zu verzweifeln
    Ein Buch für alle diejenigen, die spielend C++ erlernen möchten

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